Friday, January 25, 2013

Cold/Flu & Stomach Kits - Get a FREE Berrywell and Tummy Tuneup!

Beeyoutiful {one of my favorite companies} is giving a 
FREE Berry Well with their Cold/Flu Kit, 
and a FREE Tummy Tuneup with their Stomach Kit!

 If you are concerned about staying well this cold/flu season, Beeyoutiful has an amazing kit to aid you this winter!

 The Cold/Flu Kit contains:
    - Bee Immune - its antioxidants are combined with flavonoids to create a nearly unbeatable sickness-fighting team.
    - Ultra Immune - designed to support healthy immune function
    - Odorless Garlic - powerful immune boosting and antibacterial punch
    - Winter Breeze - massage on soles of feet, back and chest to relieve congestion or coughing
    - Cod Liver Oil - high in vitamin D and A for times of sickness
    - Rosemary Essential Oil - amazing tool to fight sinus or lung infection.
    - Gypsy Cold Care Tea   - relieves misery from colds
    -Berry Well  - included FREE! {Berry Well is an excellent elderberry syrup with more immune boosters added!}

For everyday stomach aches, digestion problems or a yucky stomach from a virus or flu, Beeyoutiful has also put together an amazing kit to calm the stomach and kiss those tummy troubles goodbye!

This Stomach Kit contains:  

    - Eucalyptus Bath Salts - incredibly soothing, healing and rehydrating
    - Grapefruit Seed Extract - effective against bacterial problems
    - Activated Charcoal (125 Capsules) - incredibly fast acting for virtually every stomach problem
    - Peppermint Essential Oil - relieves nausea
    - Ginger Essential Oil  -soothing to the digestive tract
    - Digestive Enzymes - helps sluggish or traumatized digestive systems get a jump start!
    - Ginger Tea  - incredibly soothing to tummies

    - Tummy Tuneup - included FREE! I love this probiotic! - Calm the stomach storms!, 8 Strains of probiotics & 4 Billion potency, promotes healthy probiotic balance in the intestines.

This free offer ends January 31st, 2013


  1. We use ginger to naturally treat headaches too!! And eucalyptus we use to clear stuffy noses by putting a little bit of the oil near the nasal passages. Clears ya right up! :) Blessings!


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