Tuesday, January 15, 2013

20 Healthy Reasons to Use the Rebounder

The busier life gets, the more challenging it is for me to make time for exercise.  Exercising can so easily fall by the wayside.  But after reading in most of my health books over the years about how beneficial a rebounder is, I decided to purchase one and make it a part of my life.

"Rebounding" is simply jumping on a mini-trampoline.  The motion of jumping on a rebounder increases the gravitational pull of the body.  This pull tones and strengthens bones, cells, tissues, and muscles organs.  

Rebounding promotes whole body wellness. It is the only exercise that cleanses every cell in the body.  It also does an excellent job of increasing lymph flow.  Why is this so important?  The lymph system bathes and carries nutrients to every cell.  It also removes toxins, dead and cancerous cells from the body.  The lymph system can only flow through physical exercise. 

Below is a list of 20 ways the rebounder can bring you to better health:

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  1. My mom used a rebounder many years ago and loved it. We loved playing on it as children also. My mom was always way ahead of her time when it came to health.


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