Friday, December 21, 2012

Homemade Whipped Topping

 Many yummy holiday recipes call for a tub of cool whip.  And many pies taste even better with some whipped topping dalloped on top.

Ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup can make whipped topping a very unhealthy option!

But, you can make your own healthier version.  It's very simple!

1 cup whipping cream 
1 Tbsp. raw sugar 
1 tsp. vanilla extract for flavoring {optional}

First, place the mixing bowl and beaters in the freezer for 15 minutes.

Next, pour whipping cream into the cold bowl.

Add sugar and optional vanilla to the cream.

Beat the mixture together.  At first it will be frothy and full of bubbles...

 ...then it will become thicker.

And then it turns into delicious, whipped topping. Beat until stiff peaks form. Be sure not to over beat so it doesn't become lumpy.

I do think that fresh whipped topping tastes the best, but it is also convenient to make a large bowl of it at once and freeze the extra.  When I need whipped topping, I just thaw out the amount I need.

I think homemade whipped topping tastes so much better than store-bought.  What's your opinion?  

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  1. Oh thank you! I'm getting ready to make my goodie bags for Christmas and I'm going to try this instead of frosting! Thanks again. You and your family have a wonderful holiday =D

    1. You have a Merry Christmas as well! Thank you!

  2. This looks good! I am going to try it especially as it can be frozen. Thank you

    Heart for Home-making

  3. I don't have access to raw whipping cream, so will this work with store bought?

    Thank you! It looks great. :o)

  4. I love homemade! Nothing beats it. I added some amaretto to mine for a party and topped fresh berries with it. Yummy and pretty!

  5. I wish I would have seen this last week. I used store-bought twice in my baking. This sounds so much better!!


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