Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How To Make Elderberry Syrup

Click here to read the reasons I don't get a flu shot.

Elderberry syrup is what I call my homemade flu medicine. Elderberries are a great immune booster and are good for bronchitis, colds, coughing and especially the flu. They contain compounds that inhibit the flu from penetrating cell membranes and invading respiratory tract cells. You can take the elderberry syrup daily to help prevent the flu, or every hour if you have come down with the flu (or a cold, etc.)  This syrup is very beneficial to your health and it tastes great too!!!

 Elderberry Syrup

1/2 cup dried elderberries
3 cups water
1 cup raw honey
Bring berries and water to a boil and simmer for about 30 minutes.  Mash berries and strain through a cheesecloth or a fine strainer.  Stir in honey and pour into jar.  Store in the refrigerator for 3 months.

Elderberry Syrup Recipe #2
(I recommend making this recipe with the ACV for extra benefits, but the recipe above with only honey is great too!)
2 cups dried elderberries
4 cups water
3 cups raw honey
Follow the same instructions as the recipe above.  This recipe lasts for 6 months in the fridge.
For both recipes:
Child - take 1 tsp. daily 
 Adults - take 1 tbsp. daily
(Or hourly if sick)

Don't know where to buy dried elderberries? Two of my favorite places are Bulk Herb Store & Mountain Rose Herbs.

Though it does save a lot of money to make your own syrup, if you would like to buy some, you can.  Berry Well is one good quality elderberry syrup you can buy.

Enjoy making this healthy, easy syrup for you and your family. :)

*Disclaimer - These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease*
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  1. Thank you for your post Jill! We all are coming down with something here. I am going to try to get to the store today to pick up the stuff to make a batch! :)

  2. It's great stuff, Jeni! I promise you won't regret it! :)

  3. Hi ,
    I'm visiting from a blog hop. Love your blog and am now following you. I would love it if you visited my blog and followed me back at Gluten Free A-Z

  4. Thanks for stopping by - I'm following back! You have a great list of recipes going on at your blog! I look forward to trying them out! :)

  5. Mmm I love elderberry syrup... it's probably time for me to go ahead and make up a new batch, actually! I've never tried it with ACV added, though... I may try it the next time I make a simple syrup. I've been wanting to incorporate it a bit more.. I usually like to add in some other stuff to my syrup though... hawthorne, rose hips, hibiscus, cinnamon.. I wrote about my two main recipes here: http://www.sageandchocolate.com/elderberry-syrup-for-winter-malaise/

  6. This is an awesome blog! I am your newest follower.
    Here is my health blog:wwwgarlicmom.blogspot.com
    Also my daughter is having her first ever linky party at:

  7. I'm visiting from Prov. 31 Thursday. I love this kind of stuff, and I'm so glad to find a resource all in one spot! I don't see an option to subscribe via RSS, so I liked you on fb instead. Thanks!

  8. I will have to try making this for my family!

  9. I picked wild elderberries and I have them frozen can I use these in the syrup?

  10. You sure can, Sue. The rule of thumb is normally to use twice as many fresh herbs in recipes that call for dried herbs. Just double the amount of elderberries in the above recipes, and you'll have an awesome syrup on hand. :)

  11. Hi Jill, me again, the newbie.... I am going to add this to my staples (have been buying echinacea drops for years but this sounds my better). Your recipe says "store in the refrigerator for three months"... does that mean it is ready after three months, or that it is only good for three months?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi, Les! That means that it is good for 3 months in the refrigerator. The recipe with vinegar is good for 6 months. You can use the syrups right away! :) Thanks for the question!

  12. Hi Jill, I'm new here! Does the honey have to be raw honey? I think what we have is organic honey, but not raw.... will it still work?


    1. It will still work with regular honey, but it is SO much healthier and effective with raw honey. Raw honey is medicine in itself. If there is any way at all that you can get raw honey, I would. Thanks for the question! :)

  13. Quick question, do you add the ACV after you've boiled the elderberries? Thought it might retain it's nutrients better that way but not sure??

    1. Sorry I'm so late in responding, Patricia! Yes you add the ACV after you cook the elderberries.

  14. where do you find dried elderberries????

    1. They seem to be out of stock everywhere right now. The demand is high and supply is low. I will make an announcement on my blog when I find some in stock!


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