Monday, October 10, 2011

How To Make A Glycerin Tincture Video ~ Preparing For The Winter

I recently made a glycerin tincture using an herbal mixture that boosts the immune system. I use this tincture at the first sign of illness, sometimes combined with colloidal silver, depending on how bad the illness is.  Use 1/2 tsp. 3-5 times a day for children.  Use 1 tsp. 3-5 times a day for adults.  If the sickness is bad enough, you can even give a dose every hour until improvement.

In this video, I'm making the tincture using Double E Immune Booster.   You can also make it using only Echinacea, but I like the mixture of different herbs for an extra immune boost.

Things you need:

*Double E Immune Booster or Echinacea 
*Vegetable Glycerin (make sure it's food grade)

This is linked to:

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  1. I've read about making these before, but never took the leap and tried it. Seeing you do it makes it seem, well, so doable =) Thank you for sharing...I'm off to check out more of your site!

  2. Amy, it is so very easy! I used to be very intimidated thinking about making my own things - I felt like I should be a professional and have some sort of training, but it is so EASY! :)
    Thanks for stopping by - good to hear from you! ;)


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